of rubber and metal-rubber parts


Availability of the suspension components for new or unusual car models is very poor. Often only entire arms and in the very high price are available in the market. In that case TEDGUM comes with the helping hand. Our experts, basing on the informations from the market and business partners and espesially from the exprience of mechaics, analise the possibility of fast implementation of metal-rubber parts to the production.

During the construction of metal-rubber elements, engineers have always one goal: creating auto parts which proove to be durable and very reliable. In order to eliminate any weak points of products, all wear points are beeing analised. One of such solutions is reinforced structure of metal-rubber buch, which was achieved through optimalization of rubber mixture (increaced volume of rubber and modificated inner construction of buch with increased durability against overload). Thanks to this solution, buches of this type have greatly pro-longed usability period and have possitive influence for safety and driving comfort.

In this way, during the parts designing, technically hi-end solutions are used. Of course during the construction works, the ingeneers are taking into consideration whole system of suspension and check if the improvement of the single elements will not influent the overall to fast use of other parts of suspension.

Small prodution series and untypical solutions can be realised. Designing processes are supported by the modern CAD systems.

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