of rubber and metal-rubber parts


We refurbish rubber and metal-rubber parts for vintage vehicles and any unusual vehicles and machinery.

Process of refurbishment of old elements is made with usage of components, that can be reused (what have influence on significant reduction of regeneration costs and enviroment preservation). A perfect example is refurbishment of the crankshaft pulley with torsional vibration damper. Unfortunately, this construction is susceptible to damage, which is manifested by annoying noise and vibration during engine operation.It happens that the pulley breaks off suddenly while driving, which, with more bad luck can result in damage to the radiator, and even timing.Buying a new pulley is usually very expensive and is associated with the expense of even a thousand Euro (depending on the manufacturer and brand of the car). In turn, pulley replacements are hardly available, especially for new or unusual models. In this case, the best way to repair is a refurbishment.

Technology used by TEDGUM allows the refurbishment of old pulleys of almost all makes of cars and vans, including ones that are not available on the market also as replacements. During the refurbishment process gum is completely replaced by the new one, of superior quality. Thanks to its physico-chemical properties it perfectly damps the vibrations and correctly made vulcanization prevents from future fast damage to the pulley.

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